Interacting with Apps Design

There are 3 types of an Apps functionality:

  1. Web App (HTML5)can be a single or  multiple web page activity thats set on a remote server and can be accessed on the internet.
  2. Hybrid: is a combination of web app and native formats. You can access your device when offline usage. a coding structure is needed to use hybrid.
  3. Native: is a type of program software that runs on your mobile phones and desktop, for example IOS/Android. This also means it doesn’t need the internet to make it function.

Pros and Cons



  • Quick option to have your information available
  • Needs a 1 time building format structure and than it works for all devices


  • Function errors
  • Consumer Usage behaviour
  • Users prefer and spend more time on apps directly, rather than online web browsing



  • Provides space on users phone
  • Is good for users who have good web skills (coding)


  • User experience issues are still a problem
  • No special mobile functions



  • Fast contant loading
  • Smooth usage
  • Good app security
  • Strong online and offline performance


  • Needs a structure for each platform
  • Expansive to build on

HTML5 VS Native

  • Many found HTML5 in 2014 to be handy when it came to designing apps, web design and programming.
  • Native app seemed to be to expansive and hard to program 
  • Using HTML5 meant you could use your web sign in different platforms
  • Companies that used Native app design have an advantage towards users
  • About 55% of business have found that customers aren’t happy with the usage of web browsing, which leads to lost of customers service

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