Exploring WSU App Design Structure !


 WSU modules and Site map

1st app page

Maps: – A shows a list of all WSU campus names –> opens up a map of the chosen campus


Directory: A search bar for UWS teachers  –> contact info


Events: shows 2 tabs my calendar and uni events –> provides users with all UWS upcoming events


Emergency: a list of all type of emergency contact –> after selecting t allows you to call directly


vUws: if you don’t have the vuws app it tells you to downloaded it first –> asks you for your login


MyIT: ask for log in


Students: info about the student central –> has contact info for selected campus


Central: logging in into your uni account


Library: provides a search bar and a few tabs about books, study room and locations


Shuttle: a list of current routes services available in UWS campuses  


Help: a search bar to insert what problem your having


Services: allows students to add themselves in the queue at the student center and alerts them when it’s close to their turn.



2nd app page

Wellbeing: a 24-hour list of contacts, if students are feeling unwell or have a specific problem


Careers: shows a link to jobs on and off campus, workshops and for international students  


Gradlife: takes you to the app store to download the Gradlife app


Videos: shows 2 tabs of video source Online learning and UWS Vids


News: has 3 categories of Students – Staff and UWS News


Residences: shows you a few slides, photos and locations of in uni village


Books: a page for online uni shop and textbook purchases


Food: provides a list of all uws camps food list and its location


Social: finding out what’s new and places to interact with other students


Summer: info regarding summer course


Clubs: asks for a log in details


Sport: shows the list of upcoming sporting events and contact info



Any suggestions to categories the modules?


  1. The WSU app structure is set out from the 1st page been more important/more used categories and the 2nd is more social.
  2. Most categories can be set into 1 area file, for example; Videos, News and events can go under the Entertainment File.



 User experience flow













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