App Design and Development Process

New device platforms such as the smart watch makes us designers to learn and think of many ways to communicate and contact each other. The smart watch structure is also key to usage user success, as us designers need to make these functions easy and direct when used.

A lot has changed with the web page structure model since 1997, when most sites having hyper links, contents topic on the side. Compared to the websites of 2016, for example Apple having one of the best Top-Nav menu. The website using image links on all of there products, which makes it a lot easier for customers to navigate and find what there interested. They also use different type of image size to promote sales on that specific product.



Changing The Way We Think Towards App-Design 


As designers we can’t afford to waste time resource on designing a fancy app without a user experiment and app background research. These 2 main things are critical to a successful app design. Otherwise after developing an app you may find someone else has done the same idea but simpler and better than yours.



Lean UX Cycles


Using the lean UX cycle method will help designers to constantly thinking, creating, testing and checking your app creation. This is a good habit to have and can lead to more effective results and outcomes.






When creating an app platform its better having it work on a tablet or a smart phone which can be more effective when designing a structure, rather than creating a website which is a large design and trying to turn it into a small format.

Starting a design process from a smart phone makes us priorities, chose our mental structure. This makes us notice whats important to include in a smart phone app and for users.


Understanding Development Process


Using development tools such as wireframes helps plan your app structure and features, also helps communicate with other designers on what the idea design is.


A Use Of Variety Operating Systems  


To develop an app to hit the global market, you will need to have access or own IOS, Android and Windows devices to learn and understand the usage/function differences.


Prototyping Everything


To understand who the function will perform and get the best accurate testing results is too create a prototype demo (App or Model) for testing and usage interaction with users. This will help provide more accurate results, improvements and feedback regarding the app.








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