Process Behind App Design


Ideas are great to have and could later down the track become into a solution or product, but until you build your background research and user testing to perfection, than its just a phantom passing by. Keeping your idea shapable and flexible is a much better and healthier result.

Some questions that you will come across when having an App idea:

  • Is the idea financially supported ? ( would this idea cost you a lot of money and resource )
  • Is the idea technically possible ? ( can this be made, how,what,who )
  • Is someone else already doing it ? ( what can we do better ? )
  • Could the idea be made simpler ? ( what other ways to achieve the sam goal but faster and simpler )

Idea workshops are good to have to expand your idea. Collaboration helps provides feedback and strong support.



Specification is a piece of paper that explains what functions your app has, what does it do and how to do it. Its important to always do a app spec brief before creating an app.

A lot of further development, changes and refining can happen when you write everything down on a paper and having a read/brainstorm.



Wireframe can be either part of the spec or built from the spec. Its important to have  everyone in the team knowing and understanding the apps design structure before starting.

Using wireframes helps build the apps image that you’re trying to achieve to your co-workers and clients. There are many tools to use and build your wireframe such as Sketch, justinmind and more.

By using this method to build and showcase your app, it will help you find any missing patch or something that was missed or that needs fixing.



Making a prototype is testing and putting your hypothesis into practise and than receiving feedback. This step will help find the bad and good that can be changed and improved within your app. by doing this you can test the app function and its effect towards user usage.


Visual Design

Visual Design deals with the appearance of the app. the design will help guid users through the app, but at the same time making the navigation experience more enjoyable.

Having a visual design is not juts a skin or background to only make the app look pretty. it also helps making your app differentiate from other apps. Great Visual Design clears the boring, clarifies the unclear and a long lasting good impression on the user.

Visual Design is a never ending process, as it always evolves and new app update look are needed.



The best products are built by teams with multiple professionals, discipline and mutual understanding between all workers in the firm.
















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