Understanding Smart Phone Device

To begin designing for a device platform, you need to understand how device platforms work and function. there are also unique platforms interfaces elements, user interaction and terminology.

Common smart phone gesture interface:

The Tap: Tap gesture is the building block platform, its a pressure sensor glass to function the direction the finger has touched on the screen. A 44 x 44 point activator around a button or slider.

The Drag: Uses the touch gesture to scroll around the screen. Its a holding finger pressure function, which you hold and move to make it work.

The Flick: Uses lighter and shorter time/touch on the screen.

The Pinch: Its Interaction is used to pinch in to Zoom out and pinch out to zoom in.

User Interaction – IOS Anatomy 

Basic – Components:

Bars: Helps users by telling them where they are and navigate more actions.

Content Views: Enables users to use the scrolling interface to view more content.

Controls: Performs actions or displays content information.

Temporary Views: Appears briefly to give users important information or additional info with a choice option and functionality.

The Keyboard: The standard IOS size is different in each apple iphone model like the iphone 4-5 and 6. Input type like (text,email,URL and phone) all have their own keyboard style to help users in all sort of ways regardless the task.

Pickers and Date Pickers: The traditional pickers drop down box, allows a bigger content area to be viewed, making easer to select and view the options.

Inputs: Are the slider and the switch these input can be be used for interacting message. Its good to provide 20 – 40 pixel space around them.

The Tool Bar: It sits at the bottom of the screen and acts as a general icon and its purpose is to support the current page view and provide secondary navigation. example the safari app.


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