App Interface Design (UI)

Lunch Screen

A Lunch Screen is used to enforce the branding of the app. It allows the app to load in the background, while the user is looking at the launch screen for a few seconds.

The Tray

The Tray is also known as a slider bar or tab, it allows the design to add more space to the experience. The user gesture interface for this would be a touch or a slide interaction. This should always be visible UI button or tab to let the user know that this option is openable and can be used for interaction. The Tray is also used for advanced options and navigation.

Making the Tray Shape :

  • Unique
  • Design look active
  • Large enough for a finger
  • Making the button different when touched


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 10.41.55 PM



The List

The List is a design that is based on providing basic navigation to 2nd and 3rd level pages, yet providing a method to quickly return to the main page.

A good design structure would be :

  • Not overdoing things
  • Don’t Skip a step
  • No dead ends 

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 10.41.38 PM


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