App Interface Design (UI)

Lunch Screen A Lunch Screen is used to enforce the branding of the app. It allows the app to load in the background, while the user is looking at the launch screen for a few seconds. The Tray The Tray is also known as a slider bar or tab, it allows the design to add […]

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User Scenario’s

User Scenario’s are like story’s that your persona acts out. User Scenarios let you understand what your users will look for when trying to complete tasks when using your app or site. Scenario’s can be really detailed going in depth about who – what and why when the users uses your app to see if […]

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Elevator Pitch

In class we practiced preparing for our final app presentation, we used the Elevator Pitch speech method. An elevator pitch is a brief, persuasive speech that you use to spark interest in your app.   Good afternoon, my name it Tony, you seem to like keeping in shape? Have you ever used a nutrition app […]

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User Persona

User Persona is a representation of the goals and behavior of a imagined groups of users data collecting. A brief user profile description is made to learn more about the user and its aim and results. A User Persona main focus question and details are what are the users: Age Sex Occupation Hobbies Goals Others […]

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Understanding Smart Phone Device

To begin designing for a device platform, you need to understand how device platforms work and function. there are also unique platforms interfaces elements, user interaction and terminology. Common smart phone gesture interface: The Tap: Tap gesture is the building block platform, its a pressure sensor glass to function the direction the finger has touched […]

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Process Behind App Design

Idea Ideas are great to have and could later down the track become into a solution or product, but until you build your background research and user testing to perfection, than its just a phantom passing by.┬áKeeping your idea shapable and flexible is a much better and healthier result. Some questions that you will come […]

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